Iceberg Time Management Method: Why Your Present Self is More Wise Than Future Self

The iceberg time management method is now being used by people all around the world from event organizers to business managers to hold on to the information that they need the most. It can help them find the information that they require without the endlessly long searches that sometimes accompany these types of things. If that sounds appealing to you, then you should read on to learn more about this method.


What is the Iceberg Time Management Method? 

This method is all about teaching users how to save the information that they may need at some point down the road so that they aren’t constantly chasing down those little tidbits when they actually need them. Not only that, but this method helps users to learn how to get themselves organized in such a way that they can keep all of their information secure and easy to access right when they need it.

The iceberg time management method has proven quite useful for people who need to work on projects such as written research papers, collaborating on projects, or even just handling their day-to-day activities. No matter what it is, you need access to the information you require right when you require it. 


What are the Benefits of Using the Iceberg Time Management Model? 

Usage of the time management model is helpful because it forces users to get more organized in their life. They need to make sure that they are keeping all of their most important files easily accessible where they can get to them without any problems.

iceberg time management method

Users of this method will find that they are more easily able to get the benefits that they need from the iceberg time management model when they are willing to take the time to get themselves organized and get things figured out. 


The Cons of Iceberg Time Management Model

The cons of this model are that it relies on you being extremely diligent at saving everything that comes across your desk. If you are not careful about how you control the facts and information that comes your way, then you may end up with less than desirable results from this method. 


The Process of Using Iceberg Method

Using the iceberg method means following a simple process every time you get set up to use it. You will want to follow these steps: 


Save any article or piece of information

Keep everything that you come across that you think may be of value to you at some point in the future. The more items that you save up, the better your chances of having precisely what you need when the time comes.


Create individual folders

It is best to store the items that you may need to retrieve in separate areas on your computer so that you are not constantly searching for the information that you need through mountains of other information that may not be as relevant to you at this time. Get to the items that you know you need right now. 


Retrieve that information when necessary

Simply pull up the information that you require when the topic comes up in conversation. Since you have already created the folder to store this information, it may come to mind more easily for you when someone mentions something that you have previously read or heard about. 


6 Ways to use the Iceberg Time Management Method

1. Take Time Today to Get Organized

The ultimate goal of the iceberg time management method is to save yourself time in the future. This means that you take at least a few minutes today to get organized in such a way that you won’t have to spend potentially hours in the future getting the information that you require all setup. It is a sign of emotional intelligence when you get yourself organized in such a way that you already know where everything is before you have to go searching for it.

If you are willing to take that time today to get things done, then you can start to see results down the line when your organizational efforts pay off and you end up with more time on your hands. 


2. Create Very Specific Folder Types

It is not enough to have general folders where information needs to go. Instead, you should have particular folder types to store the information you require. The better and more specific that you do this, the better your results can be. If you are incredibly diligent about it, you can rely on your folders to tell you exactly what is contained within. Therefore, you can access them as needed to get the information that you require right when you need it. 


3. Consider Using a Virtual Assistant

Getting organized the first time is always the hardest. If you don’t know where to start, or if you find that you are having trouble figuring it out when going through it the first time, you may want to rely on the help of a virtual assistant. 

man working and looking at papers with goals

A virtual assistant can help you by managing your inbox, making important phone calls, and even scheduling meetings and events that you need to have. This is incredibly beneficial to anyone, and it is a good reason to consider getting in touch with a virtual assistant right away to get these things taken care of. The sooner that you can get to work with a virtual assistant, the sooner you can get all of your various tasks taken care of. Do not hesitate to use their services.


4. Keep Important Information in the Easiest to Access Spots

There are some bits of information that you will want to keep as easily accessible as possible. You can probably think of certain pieces of information that are critically important to you that you wouldn’t want to be without if you were put in a tough spot. Thus, you should try to keep those facts and figures in your easiest-to-reach folders. Doing so will allow you to get to that vital information right away. 


5. Get Apps or Other Tools That Help You

You might want to invest in some apps or other tools that can help you get through the process of taking on your organizational tasks. You don’t want to take the risk of losing something simply because you didn’t have the tools that you needed right at your fingertips. 


6. Let Others Know What You Are Doing

Let other people know that you are using this technique so that they can help you out. They may be able to direct you towards the resources that you need to make the most of the iceberg method. Additionally, they may send you useful resources that make life a bit easier for you as you try to wrap your mind around what you need to do to get the most from your new iceberg method approach.



The iceberg method can help you lock everything in place and never again fear that you are going to lose out on a vital piece of information that may help you make the most out of the time that you spend researching things. Use your time wisely, and invest a few minutes now to get the kind of results that you require moving forward. That is the best way to make the most progress towards your goal of being organized and never missing a beat.

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