ABC Time Management Method: What is it and 5 Steps How To Start Using it

Organizing one’s day typically comes down to determining what is truly important and what can be put off until another time. As simplified as that may sound, it also happens to be true. People don’t always realize how much of their day can be broken into easier-to-manage chunks they can take care of. The ABC time management method can help them visualize this more easily.


What is the ABC 123 method?

The shortest and easiest way to explain the ABC time management method is to say that it stacks tasks from least important to most important.

It helps you spell everything out in a way that makes it easier to determine what needs to be done. Put; it is a great way to figure out where your energy needs to go and where it is currently being used.


Who invented the ABC method of time management?

Alan Lakein is credited with being the first to develop the ABC time management method. He saw something missing in the other time management methods people were using and decided to take a chance at constructing one himself.


Why is the ABC time management method important?

The ABC method helps you accomplish the tasks that are truly the most important in your life. It makes it possible for you to truly visualize which tasks matter to your day and which tasks will not do as much to help you get where you need to go.

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Instead of spinning your wheels and taking care of things that can best be put off for another day, you are taking on the big tasks that matter so you can free up more of your time to do other things that are also important but not as pressing.

One of the things that people who start to use the ABC time management method often say is that it helps them almost immediately. They realize that they have been wasting a lot of time on things that don’t truly matter to them, and they aren’t focusing on the things that bring them peace and joy.

Thus, it makes sense that they promote the idea of ABC time management to everyone who will listen. They have seen the power of what it does in their life, and they want to share that experience with other people so that they may also understand what it means to get involved in something life-changing.

You might not think something like a new time management strategy could do much for your life, but it truly can. Using the ABC time management method can transform how you get things done in your day.


When should you use the ABC time management method?

People want to know what is so special about the ABC time management method. They question if there is anything truly magical about it. Why is it that some people swear by it? That is a fair question. It is because of just how simple the ABC method is. Even the method’s name is meant to convey a sense of ease. It is as easy as ABC!

It would be best if you considered using the ABC method because:

  • Time management is important to everyone’s life
  • You can start to organize your day in a way that opens up more free time to spend with loved ones
  • You may be able to accomplish more than you ever imagined possible

Essentially, this method simplifies your day and breaks it into more manageable chunks, so you aren’t always stressing about how you will get everything done.

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You will see the most important aspects of your day, and you will take the steps you need to take to make them happen. Instead of letting each day overwhelm you, you can act decisively to ensure you get the results you need from your new productivity method.


What does A mean in the ABC time management method?

“A” tasks are the most important tasks on the agenda. These are the tasks that you need to take care of right away as soon as you can. They are also the types of tasks you likely feel you need to get to right now in your gut. You will know that these are the type of tasks that can’t wait.


What does B mean in the ABC time management method?

The “B” letter tasks are still important on your list, but they don’t matter much as the “A” tasks. You still feel some obligation to get the “B” tasks taken care of, but you also know that they can be removed for some time until you can handle them comfortably.


What does C mean in the ABC time management method?

“C” tasks are the least important tasks on your list. They may still matter to you, but you know they are not time-sensitive, so you don’t have to spend as much time or energy getting these knocked out. It would be nice to have them knocked out, but don’t stress yourself if it doesn’t happen.


5 easy steps to start using the ABC method of time management

It is always challenging to get started with a new time management method. You may think you can pick it up and go, but that is rarely how it works out in real life. Instead, it will be a slog, and you already know it.

We have some tips for getting a fast start on the ABC time management method so you d, don’t have to keep stressing yourself ep 1: Brainstorm What Needs To Get Done.

Create a list of all the things you need to get done and think through how you would like to make each one happen. You don’t have to be perfect at this, but you should make a legitimate effort to come up with ways to be productive using the ABC method. As you work through it all, you will see how much there is to do on your schedule, but you will also start to get some idea about which things need to be done first.


Step 2: Estimate How Long Each Task Will Take

Determine how long you anticipate each task will take to the best of your ability. The purpose of this is to make sure you can categorize your tasks into their proper categories. You certainly do not want to overextend yourself, but you also need to be sure that you are putting each task in its place so that you can rest easy knowing that everything is in line with your goals and schedule. It will save you time when you sketch out each item on your list and set it up for your ABC time management strategy.


Step 3: Rank Your Items By Their Priority

Create your initial list of priorities by ranking each item as to how important it is to you to get accomplished. This ranking and the estimated time that you believe each task will take are two great indicators of where your various tasks will go within your ABC strategy. You should take this step very seriously, as you must set it up just right.


Step 4: Take Some Items Off The List

That’s right; you should take some items off the list once you have created it. The reason for this is simply that you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. You may have a lot of momentum when setting it up, but that can dissolve over time. Make sure you set your list up to get some things done.


Step 5: Look Over Your List One More Time

Double-check that everything has been put in its proper place, and then set out to accomplish it!


Bonus Tips:

Let Others Know That You Are Using This Method

You should let your loved ones and those closest to you know that you are trying out the ABC method so they can keep you accountable and hold you to your word when you start on your new productivity journey.


Give Yourself Some Time To Experiment With It

It would be best if you tried to allow yourself the time and space required to experiment with your newfound time management system. There is no guarantee that you will get it right the first time, but good things will likely happen as long as you stick with it.

There is a method known as the time management matrix, but it is just one among many, and few have had as much success as those who have tried this one. You should try it and see how a simple method like this can work out for you too.

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