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domantas vanagas founder and author of personal pivots

My name is Domantas Vanagas, and I’m the founder of Personal Pivots. For many years I have been experimenting with various personal development techniques, always trying to be a better version of myself. Some of those techniques have changed my life. It was not easy to pivot, but it was worth it. I became more productive, healthier, and happier.


The more I understood personal development, the more I noticed that most of us could greatly benefit from even the simplest methods. Personal development is something that impacts all parts of your life. Your health, mental state, productivity, social life, etc.

In all of the people, I see a lot of potential to use some of those methods and pivot their life for the better. I’m constantly testing new techniques and new methods of personal development. I’m constantly studying the best scientific research to provide the best and most practical information for you!

Are you ready to start pivoting your life for the better? Start with time management!