Done List : The End Of To-Do List Era?

Starting your daily tasks can often feel like a burden. If you are like most of us, it can be a slog just to get yourself through even smaller tasks on your list. Therefore, you are likely interested in creating a to-do list that can help make you more productive and more able to stay on task. If that sounds like what you are after, you need to consider a done list.


What is a done list?

The fun thing about a to-done list is that it is almost the inverse of what most people create when they first sit down and examine the tasks or chores that they have to do. That’s right, this type of list flies in the face of traditional time management and product lists, and we believe that is a good thing! The problem with many traditional productivity lists is that their users cannot stick to them long-term. They see the never-ending list of things to do, and they start to fall into a sense of despair.

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Instead of tackling your to-do list normally, flip it on its head and focus on the parts you have already completed. This may be helpful to you because it will give you a sense of progress on your goals. That is what the got done list is all about. You mark down items you have already completed instead of items you are still working on. You may gain a sense of traction by doing it this way, and that can help you stay focused and motivated in the future.


Why do you need a got-done list?

Incorporating a got-done list into your daily life is a big step in the right direction because you can see the progress that you have already made. There is no better feeling than seeing all that you have accomplished and realizing that you don’t need to be so harsh with yourself.

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You have made great strides in the right direction, and it is time to sit back and reward yourself for the work that you have already done. It doesn’t mean you get to take your foot off the gas pedal when it comes to what needs to be done. However, it does mean that it is worth recognizing that you have already accomplished a fair amount.

It is also great to see what is accomplished in a given week compared to the week before. It doesn’t take long until the list of accomplishments is sky-high.


3 Reasons why I keep a done list

There are a few reasons why I advocate this type of productivity list. The fact that it is so different from other productivity methods is just one reason why it is so appealing:


1. Done list helps me see what I have done

This type of list can be a backup for a traditional to-do list because it also helps keep track of what has already been accomplished. It is a great way to double-check everything on your regular to-do list is getting done.


2. There is a positive spin to working this way.

A regular to-do list means you only see what you still have yet to do. Meanwhile, this list makes it easier to see what has already been accomplished in your day. It makes a big difference.


3. It helps me see the tasks I already have completed

One of the advantages of using a get-done list that is not mentioned often enough is that it can help you reduce your workload in the future. When I see that there are specific tasks that I am routinely accomplishing without a problem, I feel comfortable enough to drop them from the list over time. I have gotten these tasks into my routine and no longer need to include them daily.


How do you write a Done List?

This is easier than you may think. All you need to do is write down your completed tasks and then place a unique mark next to those you have already accomplished. The mark can be anything you want as long as you know that it means you have accomplished the task. Keep a running list of all of those marks, and allow it to expand over time as you continue to collect your running done list. You may want to keep adding to your list as you work through it.

done list

It helps to see all those accomplished tasks stack up, and I have personally felt that it has aided me in my quest to get as much done as possible. You just never know how much it can do for you psychologically until you stick and implement this plan. It has the power to evolve your life!


3 Things to keep in mind while using a got done list

A got done list is a great tool to use, but make sure you keep a few things in mind.


1. Mark Down Every Accomplished Task

You don’t want to forget to mark down anything you have accomplished with this list, or it will defeat the purpose. Make sure you mark down your tasks as soon as you finish them to get the sense of momentum you need out of your got done list.


2. Post Your List Somewhere That Is Easy To See

Keep your list in a place that is easy for you to see. You will greatly appreciate it when you can see everything you have done throughout the day. If you feel particularly brave, you might even post your list somewhere other people can see. This may give you a little extra motivation and pump other people up about trying to get their tasks taken care of.


3. Include Even The Small Things

It might feel funny to write down even the smallest achievements you make throughout the day, but you should do so to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. It is hard enough to take care of everything we need daily. We should also reward ourselves for the hard work we have done to make it happen.



This approach is different from what most people are used to when taking care of their daily chores. It may take some time to adjust to your new routine, and nothing is wrong with that. However, you can adapt to this method, and it can serve you well if you try it.

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