Learn 5 Reasons Why Time Management is Important for Students and 5 Ways to Tackle Them!

Written by Domantas Vanagas

November 1, 2021

As a student, you’re familiar with the term time management, but have you ever wondered whether it truly matters?

Time management is important for students as it helps them to achieve good grades and learn more efficiently. It also helps them balance school with their personal lives. Balancing these two important aspects of the students’ lives also improves their mental state.

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You can get perfect scores on any assignment and still have time to party!

Let’s dig deeper:


Why is time management important for students?

Countless things contribute to time management issues. For students, the most common are procrastination, fear of failure, lack of organization, too many tasks and distractions, and the inability to prioritize assignments.

All these problems are easily fixable, though — the only thing necessary is the willingness to make changes in how you approach your workload.

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For example, spending hours scrolling through social media instead of focusing on important work tasks isn’t a good example of managing your time effectively.

Time management helps students prioritize and accomplish the most important tasks successfully and on time. Also, managing your time correctly lowers the stress and anxiety of multiple deadlines and final exams.

You can accomplish more with the same amount of effort by organizing your work and time. But there are many more effects of good time management for students.

Here are the main ones:


1. Enhanced academic performance

Managing your time helps students achieve better grades and better understand their classes.

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By learning to prioritize the most important tasks, students can develop healthy organization skills that will almost instantly help them in their studies and future careers.

Think about it: Once you put all your energy and focus into one paper at a time, you will complete a better assignment and feel a sense of accomplishment that you wouldn’t have felt if you had tried to accomplish several tasks at once.

Effective multitasking is a myth!


2. Decreased stress

Time management is important as it can help students experience less stress. How?

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Stress can lead to feelings of disorganization, lack of motivation, and mental exhaustion, making it important to manage time effectively. Setting realistic goals and deadlines can help students stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Whenever you’re feeling nervous about a certain assignment, your brain isn’t capable of focusing on anything else.

It also prevents you from studying for that paper, making you more likely to get a lower grade.

As a result, practicing healthy time management techniques allows students to avoid feeling unnecessarily stressed.


3. Increased productivity

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Planning and focusing on the most important tasks first increases productivity and lets students be more efficient.

For example, tackling your math assignment and focusing solely on it means finishing it faster. Afterward, you can take a break and move on to the next task on your to-do list, such as your Spanish homework or even doing some extracurricular activities.

Pushing yourself to your limits and trying to accomplish several assignments at once will only decrease your productivity, making you less likely to complete everything on time.

As a result, time management helps students to be as productive as possible. 


4. Improved mental health

Students often experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, and overall exhaustion. Struggling with due dates hurts students’ mental well-being.

Additionally, poor time management skills contribute to mental health issues since they put students under even more stress. You are worried that failing a class or not passing an exam will impact your grade and you will let down others.

Effective time organization can help improve students’ mental health. Having a set plan for each task that needs to be completed eliminates the fear of missing something, thus improving students’ feelings.

It’s important for students to have control over their assignments. It means that students can take a breather while working and protect their mental well-being.


5. Preparation for the future

Time management is important because it can set you up for a brighter future.

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Developing healthy time management skills early in your educational career prepares you for life after graduation.

Effectively dividing your workload and completing it on time and efficiently means that you can be trusted, so people will value you.

This skill can also help you when applying for leadership or management positions.


Why is time management important for students’ essays?

When taking a look at writing an academic paper, time management can help in structuring the essay, planning its content, and determining how much time it will take to complete it.

Rather than simply sitting down and writing your essay without planning it out, organizing your time and approach allows you to write an even better paper that your professor will love.

Planning how you work and how much time you will require decreases the time spent on each task and makes the work easier and more rewarding.



Time management is absolutely crucial for students to succeed academically, balance their personal life, and maintain good mental health.

By effectively managing their time, students can prioritize their tasks, achieve better grades, decrease stress, increase productivity, and prepare themselves for a brighter future.

Time management also plays a significant role in essay writing, helping students structure and plan their content, leading to better results. Therefore, developing healthy time management skills early on can make a significant difference in a student’s academic and personal life.

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