Effects of Good Time Management: Everyone Can Benefit From This

Written by Domantas Vanagas

November 3, 2021

With all our busy schedules these days, it is more important than ever to have amazing time management skills. Many of us tend to be so busy that we don’t take an earnest look at how we are managing our time. And as a result, individuals and businesses will significantly suffer in the long run. In fact, some people died due to mishandling their time by overworking, and some businesses closed due to mismanagement.

On the other hand, there are amazing effects of good time management. So it is imperative to gain time management skills. This article will highlight the amazing effects as well as the skills needed to effectively manage your time.


What are the 3 Benefits of Having Good Time Management? 

There are different benefits of having good time management. However, the main three include the following: 

Having Less Stress

You will reduce your stress level when you manage your time, which also leads to you having more self-confidence. There will also be fewer tight deadlines, fewer surprises, less running from place to place, and less rushing from task to task.

A Greatly Improved Work-life Balance

The proverb about balance being the key to life is true. You will tend to take better care of yourself and important relationships. Businesses will also have smoother operations and a tendency to gain more profit.

Freedom – More Time

You will have more downtime to recuperate when you have great time management. You’ll also be able to spend more quality time with your family and friends. 

What are the Effects of Good Time Management? 

The effects and benefits of good time management go hand-in-hand.

hands holding a clock from the sides

These effects include the following: 

Increased Productivity

You’ll be able to focus your energy and time on bigger things first, instead of being stalled by minor things.

So, you must plan, set deadlines, and stick to the schedule.

Having a simple to-do list, and even a calendar will help you make the most of your important tasks of the day. Then, you will be able to focus your energy and time on the bigger tasks first, instead of getting bogged down in minor things.

You will be more productive by selecting important tasks you want to accomplish.

There is a thing called the 80/20 rule. This is when 20 percent of what you do daily makes up 80 percent of your results. So, productivity is doing as many tasks as possible, and it is accomplishing things that matter. 

Less Procrastination

With good time management, you will reduce the temptation of putting things off to do later. You’ll schedule and use much better timeframes.

So, there will be no chance of anxiousness and increased stress levels due to rushing to get the job done and possible, unpleasant blindsides. 

Time management in the workplace can greatly reduce your urge to “do it later.” Good time management means being able to schedule the right tasks for the right timeframe, which leads to things getting done sooner.

Supervisors with strong time management skills can virtually eliminate procrastination by ensuring that their employees understand what needs to be done and when it needs to be finished.

Better Communication

Not only do you make schedules to maintain your time, but you’ll also eliminate distractions through better communication between your loved ones, co-workers, and/or employees. 

Time management is about more than just making schedules. It’s also about eliminating distractions. This can lead to better communication between co-workers. 

So, explain to distracting co-workers that you have a set of things to do and ask if they have any questions or concerns that can wait until later. You may find that they have nothing important to say. Then, no one’s time is wasted.

One of the more interesting ways to improve communication is to do some time management group activities. Those sound simple but they truly are eye-openers.

Better Reputation

Co-workers, employees, clients, and/or family will have more confidence that you’ll come through for them. It is a terrible thing to just know that you are going to have great plans with your loved ones just to have to tell them at the last minute that the plans are delayed.

This will lead to a strain in your relationship and stress from feeling sad and from working hard to make up for this incident.  

The linchpin of your professional reputation is great time management. Co-workers and managers notice those who are dependable, consistent and manage their time well.

And as a result, you’ll help maintain job security and more possibility of getting promoted. If you own a business, your business is likely to be maintained and grow. 

More Time with Family & Friends

You won’t risk sacrificing time with the most important people in your life with proper planning. So, if you are scheduled to have a beer with your friend, or to go to your child’s soccer game, have your things in order to ensure you won’t let them down. 

You can achieve these precious times with your loved ones by getting things done during business hours. And with time being a commodity, you most likely want to enjoy yourself as

much as you can. Getting things done during business hours helps you to achieve that goal. You will be able to reach a work-life balance. So, you must find a good ratio between work and living, and you will gain control and maintain your priorities. 

Time is money

Your time is exchanged for money, and proper planning will help you balance your time at work without overworking yourself. Having said that, you either push others or you are being pushed to do a job that takes significant time.

However, you can earn more in less time, if you can effectively plan your time. 

Positive mood

You can feel it every day when you have good time management, and that’s a really good and healthy feeling. You’ll be more confident, and you’ll have time to reflect on your love for your family. You’ll be grateful for what you have.

You’ll also have the satisfaction of getting the job done and the joy you’ll feel when you have the ability to move faster in achieving your goals. Then, at the end of the day or whenever you have your time off, you can nurture your loving relationships more. 

Improvement in Self-discipline

Self-discipline increases as you act accordingly to pursue your long-term goals, regardless of how you feel. When choosing to encounter the personal pressure to meet milestones to pursue your long-term goals, you’ll tend to be consistent in that commitment.

And as you keep using self-discipline, you’ll tend to get better. It’s like practice which makes one better. And since you’ll have to focus on disciplining yourself to improve time management, the more you use it, the better you’ll get. And before you know it, you’ll have good planning, no unnecessary worry, a healthier diet, and healthier sleep habits. This is absolutely crucial for college students as well!


Avoiding burnout

Burnout is a state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion.

skeleton laying on a computer

This situation won’t occur overnight, but it happens after you spend a long time ignoring job stress. And as a result, the symptoms of burnout will be poor job performance, exhaustion, and reduced creativity. 

Efficiency vs effectivity

To be efficient, you’ll be able to do a job with the fewest resources and less time. To be effective, you’ll do the right tasks regardless of the resources and time used for them.

The goal accomplishment function is effectiveness. This function is about doing the correct tasks, regardless of the resources and time used for it. So, effectively managing time instead of efficiently doing it will make you more productive. You’ll also complete more of the right work.


What are the Pros and Cons of Time Management? 

The effects and benefits mentioned above are the pros of time management, and there are only a few cons. One con could be having more anxiousness to improve your time management skills.

This, in itself, tends to lead to stress, as you’ll work hard on gaining better time management. Other disadvantages include how long it takes to make plans, and human life can become mechanical.



Time management is critical for everyone who wants to have the best professional and personal life possible. Without it, people and companies are doomed to fail.

So, don’t risk doing too many idle activities which can lead to destruction. Gaining good time management skills will help you gain the best life possible!

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