Pomodoro Technique: Actionable Guide For Your Productivity

The Pomodoro technique is used by people worldwide to enhance their ability to stay on task and get through the various tasks they need to work on during the day. You will discover that it is a simple way to give yourself something to focus on so you aren’t constantly being pulled away by distractions. Many people have stated that they believe avoiding distractions via the Pomodoro technique is the biggest benefit they gain immediately. What is the Pomodoro technique? We will be covering this and how to use the Pomodoro technique right now. 

What is the Pomodoro Technique? 

The word Pomodoro is Italian for tomato, referring to the tomato-shaped timers many people use when practicing this technique. Essentially, the Pomodoro technique relies on the premise that human beings only have so much focus that we can apply towards focusing on a particular problem that we are attempting to overcome. If we aren’t focused on what we are doing, it becomes easy for us to get distracted and off task. 

A single distraction can quickly lead to more distractions, and the entire situation can snowball out of control. It turns out that the average person loses 2.1 hours of their day to distractions

pomodoro technique timer

The Pomodoro technique is meant to help us harness our limited energy resources and apply them to the tasks that need to get done at the moment. If we apply the focus and attention that we have available to our given tasks, we can reward ourselves by taking a break from those tasks once that focus period has expired. 

Generally speaking, this technique works pretty well for easily distracted people. They find that the Pomodoro technique benefits are forced to focus on something specific until they finish that task. It keeps them from drifting off to other thoughts and concerns. And that is the fundamental reason why Pomodoro works.

The Pomodoro method focuses on breaking tasks into 25-minute chunks to put some true concentrated effort towards a task without interruption. Although it doesn’t go longer than 25 minutes, you would be surprised by how often a person can get distracted, even in that length of time. It is troubling and causes many people to miss out on some productive time that they could have put towards another task. 

How to Use the Pomodoro Technique

The best part about the Pomodoro technique is that you do not have to be an expert at focusing on things, and you don’t need any special equipment to get the job done. It would be best if you could spend some time focused on a particular project. If you can promise to focus on that, you will come out of it just fine. You can practice the Pomodoro technique from home, as a student, or even with teams of others who are working on the same project. 

First, get a Pomodoro timer that you can use to measure the amount of time you are spending on your specific tasks. It would help if you did this to know exactly when you should cut the timer off and allow yourself to take a break. You can use any timer for this process; they all work great. 

Next, set the timer for a length of time of 25 minutes to put all of your focus on a singular task that you have ready to work on. Do not stop working on that task until you have completed 25 minutes of solid work towards that task. 

After that, take a break for 5 minutes before jumping back on and doing another 25 minutes worth of work on your project. Repeat this cycle as often as necessary until you have completed everything you aim to complete. 

Eliminate all possible distractions from your workspace, particularly those that are visual. Otherwise, you will likely find yourself slipping back into old habits of distraction that take you far away from what you should have been doing. 

Fundamental Rules of Pomodoro Technique

There are some fundamental rules you do not want to forget as you work your way toward figuring out how the Pomodoro technique will work for you. If you find yourself in violation of these rules, then you are simply not going to be giving the Pomodoro its proper due, and you will likely lose interest in the process entirely. It can get really ugly when you forget to follow some of the basic building blocks of the Pomodoro system because you will end up so far off course that it will be a challenge to regain your footing and move forward. 

Stay on Task

You need to stay on task the entire 25 minutes you are working through a Pomodoro. It is not a true Pomodoro if you allow yourself to get distracted, even if you are only distracted briefly. It would be best if you remained focused on what you are doing for the time to count.


Multiple Small Tasks Can Be Accomplished in One Pomodoro

There is nothing wrong with combining multiple small tasks into one Pomodoro. Just realize that you need to continue working for the entire 25 min period even if you knock out multiple small tasks simultaneously. What is most important is that you keep driving until you hit the point where you allow yourself to take a break. 

tasks done distributed between pomodoros

Break Larger Tasks into Multiple Pomodoros

Do not allow yourself to become overly hasty with your larger tasks simply because you are on a Pomodoro timer. It would be best if you utilize those tasks also for your care and attention. You are timing yourself, but you can also break the larger tasks into multiple Pomodoros if that is what they require. 

Why is the Pomodoro Technique so Effective?

I have to admit that the Pomodoro method has changed my life. You might think that I am exaggerating or that it really can’t do everything that I am about to say it can, but it’s true. For example, I have a friend who has ADHD, making it incredibly challenging to remain on task and focused on the things he knows need to be done. It just doesn’t come easy for him. I thought to myself, there is no reason why the Pomodoro technique wouldn’t work for people with ADHD. That is when I recommended just trying Pomodoro for the next 2 weeks. As it turns out, this method has helped reshape not only my life but his as well. 

A Defined Set of Rules

I have come across many other productivity methods that seem to be a little too vague for my liking. They claim they can help you change your life in all these amazing ways, but I don’t see the forward progress in my life. Sure, they might help around the edges, but with a vague set of rules attached to them, it is too easy for me to skip out on the hardest parts of following the systems, and then I am far off track. This is not the desired outcome, which is a big reason why the Pomodoro technique appeals to me. 

This system has a defined set of rules you must follow to say that you are truly working within the Pomodoro system. If you go outside the lines, you are technically not within the system, and the results you get are what you get. I like this black-and-white nature, which has kept me interested in using the Pomodoro method for a long time. 

Learn as You Go

Even though the Pomodoro technique has some rules that all users should follow, you can also learn as you go along. I never felt like I had to be perfect right from the start. I could only start with 12-minute cycles when I first began because I felt that this was all my brain could handle. However, those 12-minute cycles gave me the confidence to build up my attention span and start going for longer and longer cycles over time. Before I knew it, I could pull off the full 25-minute cycles that the system recommends. It all just took a little extra time for me. 

This Method Requires Few Materials

Outside of the optional Pomodoro timer that I bought, there are a few material requirements to use this method. Instead, it would be best if you dive in and get started. There are online Pomodoro timers that don’t cost you a penny to get started with. You may want to experiment with them if you are curious how the Pomodoro system may pan out for you. It is ultimately up to you to decide if you would like to use this method or not, but I very much appreciated the fact that so little was expected of me as far as bringing my materials to start working on this. Instead, I was considered to be doing well enough to show up and be ready to start making a difference in my productivity levels and life. 

There Are a Lot of Practitioners

I didn’t feel strange, letting people know I was practicing the Pomodoro method. I feel like many people supported my decision to try to better my focus and get more done in my day. They applauded me every step of the way, and I felt their praise in a very real way. Not only that, but plenty of other people were also working on their focus via the Pomodoro technique. They had advice and tips for me that I could never have expected, and I was so pleased to be able to enjoy the information they handed over so freely to me. It was a true blessing. 

I started to See Instant Results.

Another thing that I cannot harp on enough is the fact that I saw instant results from using the Pomodoro method. Suddenly, my to-do list had shrunk significantly, and I could again see the light at the end of the tunnel that let me know I was aiming in the right direction. I was pleasantly surprised that the Pomodoro method had produced such quality results for me, and I was only saddened that I had not started to try to work on this earlier. 

Using Pomodoro Technique in Teams

Have you ever had a team meeting and afterward felt like nothing was accomplished? There is a reason why some of the brightest business people encourage to have as less meetings as possible.

However, some meetings are just necessary, and using the Pomodoro technique in teams may be the thing you just need:

  • Having a clear structure and time constraints of Pomodoros will force you to discuss only the necessary things
  • Pomodoros will force you to take breaks, which helps to rest, come up with new ideas and soak up the previous ones

Using Pomodoro Technique as a Student

As a student, you might try to juggle 15 different things at once. Studies, social life, gym, chores, you name it. Clear day structure and schedule can make or break your productivity. I would go as far as saying this could potentially determine your few upcoming years or even your whole life. It is a must to try the Pomodoro technique for every student, as it has so many benefits. If you are a student who:

  • Struggles to keep a clear structure to their day
  • Quickly loses focus and can’t focus for longer than 15 minutes
  • Falling behind deadlines
  • Does multiple tasks at once, however, none are done well

Become a productivity machine and achieve your goals using the Pomodoro technique!

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of the Pomodoro Method


1. Purchase the Timer

You might be tempted to save a few dollars by simply using an online Pomodoro timer instead of buying the one you can set on your desk. The impulse to want to save money is understandable, but you should strongly consider getting the desk timer instead. The desk timer is a physical manifestation of the work you are attempting to accomplish. It reminds you of why you are doing all of this, and that alone is a good reason to consider getting one. 


2. Don’t Skip Your Breaks

Many people get so into the Pomodoro method that they ignore the breaks and want to keep working. That may sound great initially, but it will ultimately lead to burnout. Make sure you take your breaks so you don’t burn yourself too thin on the work you are attempting to accomplish. In the long run, you will appreciate that you took the time necessary to take your breaks and rest your mind. 

man taking a break from work


3. See Which Length of Time Works for You

There is some flexibility in the Pomodoro method as far as the length of time you work before taking a break. Most recommend 25 minutes and then a 5-minute break as this is a standard Pomodoro, but you can change that to a longer period of work if you find it to be productive for you to do so. 


4. Turn Off All Distractions

People sometimes work with the television on or with their phones nearby. The problem with this is that it is too easy to reach for the phone or the remote and get distracted. You can promise yourself that you aren’t going to do this all that you want, but the temptation is strong for most, and it is very easy to get pulled away from your Pomodoro and not be able to get back on track. 

work life balance while working from home


5. Talk With Others Using This Method

You are not alone when practicing the Pomodoro method, not by a long shot. Many people will happily work with you to find better ways to perfect your Pomodoro skills so that you don’t feel like you are falling behind. Trust those people to help you out because they are likely people who already practice the same methods, which means that the skills that they impart to you about the Pomodoro method. Take their advice when it is useful to you. 


6. Find Many Things You Can Apply it To

It is a wonderful thing when you can apply the Pomodoro method to all of the chores that you can handle. If you mix it up and use this method to go after different types of tasks, you probably won’t lose interest as quickly as you might if you only use it for one specific type of work. Make sure you keep this in mind at all times. 


7. Keep Practicing

It is difficult to be good at something right off the bat, but you can keep practicing until you hit your stride. That is the best way to use the Pomodoro method to see your desired results. If you fail on your first attempt, keep working until your results improve. 


Use Pomodoro With Other Time Management Techniques

Nothing stops you from using the Pomodoro and other time management techniques for more impactful effects. Consider some Pomodoro alternatives:

The time management matrix is a clever way to organize the tasks you still need to get into various quadrants that you can reference back to when you are uncertain where to put your next dose of time. The ABC method can help remind you which tasks are truly a priority and which you can happily discard. Finally, the Seinfeld technique is great because it helps you keep striving to practice management habits every single day.


You can gain much by using the Pomodoro technique regularly to achieve the kind of results you need out of it. You should be thrilled with yourself if you can accomplish even some portion of the amount of work you want to get done with it. There is so much to do in a given day, and the Pomodoro method can help you start to achieve so much more than you ever imagined was possible. 

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