15 Work From Home Morning Routine Tips To Start Your Day The Right Way

Written by Domantas Vanagas

September 2, 2022

Working from home can be a fantastic and rewarding experience for many people. Its biggest benefits, including increased work efficiency, can be improved by creating a work-from-home morning routine that fits easily into your lifestyle and job.

In this article, we researched 15-morning routine work-from-home tips that make sense for just about the work-from-home schedule. We follow these steps in our day-to-day life and know that they will help us get up and work early and stay focused on our daily tasks more effectively and efficiently.

There is No Golden Rule; Everyone is Different

Let’s be honest: everybody has different styles of managing their time in the morning. Maybe you love waking up as early as possible and tackling all your work before noon. Perhaps you need to get up a little later and let caffeine sink into your head before you try anything. 

As a result, no hard and fast rule works well for everybody when defining an effective work-from-home morning routine, as everybody may have different needs. You might find yourself loving working out in the morning to get your blood pumping, or you need to save your workout for after you wake up a bit more. 

These different styles aren’t just personal preferences but can be biological. Working during your biological prime is important because it can help you stay focused and effective at work. Trying to work outside your prime may result in sloppy and poorly executed work. Instead, follow these tips to avoid these problems.

15 Tips for Work From Home Morning Routine

When tackling your work-from-home routine, you need to use various skills to improve your work-from-home time management. As importantly, you must set yourself up for the day to tackle all of its tasks with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Setting a good work-from-home morning routine starts by creating a good sleep pattern that makes sense for you. Here are a few tips to get a better night’s sleep:

  • Don’t use your phone either in the morning or at the night
  • Get sunlight on your skin and in your eyes in the morning
  • Take a cold shower if you need an extra kick

woman raising her hand from a good nights sleep in the morning

2. Establish a Good Work Pattern

The human mind loves predictability and craves schedules. Your morning routine should be predictable and follow a pattern that makes sense for you. For example, you should not only always wake up at the same time but eat according to a specific way. Perhaps you like eating a small breakfast right away or later. Whatever the case, stick to your pattern so that your body adapts to your new routine and feels more energetic when needed.

3. Exercise When Possible

One of the best ways to establish a morning routine work-from-home pattern that makes sense for you is to exercise whenever possible. Exercise boosts your energy and helps you focus more effectively on your tasks. It is often a great way to wake up and help you focus on work better. However, you may find that you need to exercise later in the day. No matter your schedule, get at least 30 minutes daily.

15 different work from home exercise routine ideas

4. Drink Plenty of Water

While a good coffee is probably a great way to give you a little extra energy at the beginning of the day, don’t ignore water. Studies show that good hydration helps improve cognitive skills and may help you focus. Some even believe that a glass of water may help your work-from-home morning routine more than a glass of coffee! Keep yourself hydrated to ensure you work effectively.

drinking morning routine water

5. Turn Off Social Media

There’s a good chance that your social media accounts were incredibly active while you slept. However, checking in on them in the morning is not a great idea because it can rob you of precious hours of work productivity. Keep your social media off until you get into the swing of things, and reward yourself for finishing a task by checking into your favorite TikTok feed.

It also sets up a mood for your whole day ahead. Don’t start off with social media, you are setting yourself up for an unproductive day.

6. Always Dress for Work

You might be tempted to dress casually when you work from home. But if you know what happens to your brain, you should know that it’s a serious mistake. You should instead treat your day like you would if you worked from an office. Take a shower, style your hair, and get dressed like you would if you went to work. Doing so helps put your mind in a work setting and will make it easier to stay focused throughout the day.

7. Get Outside for a Few Minutes

woman enjoying going outside for few minutes

Fresh air is a powerful way to calm the mind and improve your mood. Get outside for a few minutes in the morning to help you focus more effectively on your tasks. Even a 15-minute outdoor break is an excellent option for many people. However, a half-hour walk after breakfast can be a quick way to start your day, improve your overall energy levels, and focus early in the morning.

8. Do Your Hardest Tasks First

Understandably, you might want to save your harder tasks for the end of the day. However, studies show that it’s better to get them done when you’re fresh and capable of tackling them. Depending on your biological needs, that might be as soon as you start your day or later. Tackle your hardest tasks when you feel the freshest, and you’ll also have more time to relax later in the day.

9. Review Your Schedule

The early part of your morning can focus on setting your daily goals and reviewing your schedule to see what you have to do. Try to prioritize the most critical tasks and then move on to the most urgent ones. Even if an important task lacks urgency, do it before you do an urgent but unimportant task. Prioritize your day this way, and you should tackle your duties more effectively.

consistent work from home schedule

10. Avoid At-Home Chores

If your partner left for the day and didn’t tackle chores like cleaning the dishes or doing the laundry, don’t feel like you have to do them right away. Avoid doing chores to ensure a good work-life balance. Doing chores when you’re supposed to be working only robs you of time to work. Furthermore, tackling these chores early in the day may keep you busy during your most compelling work period.

11. Do Some Simpler Tasks Later in the day

While it is essential to do your hardest tasks first to make sure you have the mental energy to tackle them, you can reward yourself with some simpler tasks later in the morning. For instance, answering your emails is fairly simple and can be very rewarding. You can also tackle things like planning a lunch meeting or consider setting up your next vacation time with your co-workers.

12. Consider an Early Morning Meeting

While meetings might seem like a great way to waste time, they can be a great way to start your work-from-home routine. They connect you with your co-workers and help you plan your day together. As importantly, these meetings can give you a breather from your daily tasks and help you socialize more. Please don’t make them any longer than 30 minutes to avoid getting fatigued early.

13. Take Breaks When You Can

Taking work breaks can be part of the productive work-from-home morning routine. How is that possible? Well, the mind can probably only focus for 20-25 minutes effectively before it starts to wander. Use the Pomodoro Technique to take timed breaks and finish your tasks more effectively. Starting your day this way also ensures you get into better habits during your day.

woman feeling happy with done list

14. Set Important Boundaries

When you work from home, setting boundaries between your personal and office life is important. Studies show that setting these boundaries can help you stay focused and minimize conflict. Your morning routine work-from-home boundaries may include giving you 30 minutes of personal time during which nobody can bother you or setting up goodbyes, hugs, and kisses with your kids before they leave.

15. Create an Effective End-of-Day Routine

The end of your day is also perfect for starting your morning routine. How is that possible? You can get a jump start in the morning by getting to sleep on time, avoiding unhealthy habits (like procrastinating or abusing alcohol), and planning your next day. You don’t need to spend too much time getting ready here: even 20-30 minutes with an end-of-day routine can be beneficial.


By creating a great work-from-home routine, and applying these tips you improve your productivity while working from home and enhance your career. Please choose any of these steps that appeal to you and focus on achieving them as fully as possible. For example, you may find that you exercise best at the end of the day because it helps burn excessive energy.

The choice is yours: listen to what your body says, and you should do fine. Also, ensure that your morning routine work-from-home steps meet your employer’s needs. By this, we mean you should try to work within their hours to ensure that you stay on task and get your tasks done according to their needs. Doing so should minimize conflicts.

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