7 Reasons Why Scheduling is So Important in Time Management

Written by Domantas Vanagas

January 3, 2022

Many who cannot keep up with everything they need to handle live a more stressful life but usually don’t dare to change. What we know is that proper scheduling is necessary to balance all of life’s obligations. With proper scheduling, it is more than possible to manage it all. Therefore, we want to look at some of the most critical reasons for the importance of scheduling in time management. 

Why is Scheduling Important in Time Management?

There are never enough hours in the day

Most people believe this about their schedule and all the tasks they need to accomplish.

There is both an art and a science to scheduling your day, and it is important to recognize the critical nature. That said, when done properly, scheduling makes time management itself possible. Remember, it is impossible to manage your time if you are not scheduling your activities properly.

Scheduling is also important because it gives you a better idea of your priorities and what tasks can be relegated to the back burner. People are not always aware of what they are prioritizing in their minds until they put it all down on paper and start to create a schedule that they can live with. 

7 Reasons Why Scheduling is Important in Time Management

1. Create A Sense Of Calm And Order In Your Life

Who among us can legitimately say that they live a stress-free life? For most of us, the feelings that we experience throughout the day are anything but stress-free. We often operate under extreme pressure and stress on our shoulders. 

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Sadly, this often means we pass on some stress to those around us. We behave differently than we would under normal conditions, which can cause us to have less than optimal outcomes in our work. 

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To combat this, we should try to set a solid schedule that we can lean on during our times of need. A schedule means that we know the plan for our day, week, and beyond. It means that stress doesn’t have to creep into the equation. When the schedule is in order, life can also start to feel more in order. 

2. Establish Benchmark Milestones You Can Accomplish

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Admit it or not, you like it when you reach a certain milestone is something you are trying to accomplish. This could be an income goal you have, some accomplishment you set out to achieve in a video game or anything in between. If there is a goal in sight, you will want to set up milestones that you can hit and reach that goal. 

A schedule is an excellent way to set some goals and get them knocked out. You can intentionally build certain milestones into the schedule you set up for yourself to make it easier to stay on track with that schedule and accomplish your tasks.  

The milestones you set in your schedule only have to make sense to you. As long as you are using them as a motivating factor, it doesn’t matter if other people are uncertain about why you are doing them. When you know what your targets are and you are hitting them, you will see great improvements in your ability to stay focused and on task. 

3. Make Fewer Mistakes

Life is busy enough without having to redo work that you have already accomplished. Unfortunately, it is too easy for us to end up redoing some of the work we have already accomplished due to self-sabotaging behaviors like not planning. 

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We may think that multi-tasking is the surefire way to accomplish everything we need, but this is rarely the case. Humans are designed to knock out one task at a time and move on to the next. When you attempt to accomplish multiple things at the same time, you can leave yourself stretched too thin and without a clear driving purpose moving you forward in life. 

Scheduling helps you get your work done the first time without having to go back over things a second time when major mistakes are made. You will likely see some glaring errors that might have passed you by if you didn’t have a schedule simply because you are budgeting your time properly, which helps you notice when something is a little amiss.

This is something students and artists trying to manage time should keep in mind at all times!

When you are not properly scheduled, you will feel rushed, and when you are rushed, you overlook common mistakes. Ironically, while some people don’t schedule their day because of the time it takes to make the schedule, they are likely to waste more time when they don’t have a firm schedule in place because of all of the rework that they have to do to catch mistakes they made the first time around. 

4. Enhance Your Reputation

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People known for getting quality work done on time and, as promised, tend to see many doors open for them in their careers and personal lives. Managing their time and creating a concrete schedule is the clearest path to becoming the person known for getting things done. 

They gain a reputation as someone who can get things done in a pinch, enhancing their ability to take on more high-caliber work in the future. It may also lead to accomplishments such as promotions and other achievements that would otherwise have seemed impossible for them to accomplish. The people who earn this type of reputation almost always have a well-defined schedule to thank for their achievements.

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It is not just in the corporate or business world that people see positive outcomes from having a reputation as someone who gets tasks done. It can also play out in their personal life. If you are the person who gets things done, then you may be called into leadership roles in:

  • Planning parties and social events
  • A church group or social club
  • Scheduling trips and vacations

There are many other things that people are sometimes asked to do when they are known as the ones who can get them done. You don’t want to overschedule yourself just because you are known as a productivity machine, but it can be very gratifying to know that people are counting on you and trusting you. 

5. Expecting The Unexpected

People say we should “expect the unexpected,” but we rarely do. Panic and desperation can creep into one’s lifestyle if one is not prepared to handle the various challenges that life may throw. When people try to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape, they often make less-than-optimal choices because they feel like they don’t have any other options.

Probably everybody remembers the craze over toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic…

person holding a stack of toilet paper

Perhaps it is not entirely possible to eliminate those feelings of anxiety when life throws curveballs. But those who are properly scheduled in their life can at least brace themselves for impact quite a bit better than those who are not. When someone has a strong schedule that they lean on, they can insulate themselves from some of the worst impacts of an unexpected event. They might even come out the other side, having learned a thing or two about how to prepare for the next major change.


6. It Allows You To See The Big Picture

Somewhat related to the idea that you should expect unexpected things is that you probably want to keep the big picture of life in mind at all times, particularly when you are dealing with stressful and unforeseen events. It is easy for us to get caught up in the moment and feel like things are never going to change, but deep in our minds, we know that is not true. 

A schedule is a great tool for keeping a person focused on the big picture. Many of our followers have said that scheduling helped them a lot while they had to learn online full-time

For example, let us say your goal is to save enough money to buy a house. You are scheduling everything just right to afford that home, but then one day, the radiator on your car goes out. You had not expected this expense, and you quickly feel derailed from your mission of being able to afford a home. You could allow yourself to spiral and feel like you will never again have balance in your life. 

Alternatively, you could decide to go back to the drawing board on your schedule, make a few tweaks, and remember that your overall goals have just faced a minor setback. 

7. Create Momentum In Life

Many people say that they feel stuck in life. It could be that they don’t like their job, their hours, or even their personal life. Whatever the case, a lack of momentum toward pursuit is often one of the root causes of their unhappiness. They don’t feel the same spark they once felt for certain activities and adventures. This is a sad realization, but it can also be amended by using a schedule to get some momentum back into everything that you do. 

A schedule puts you on track every day to accomplish certain tasks that you know are part of your overall goals in life. It would be best if you established momentum daily to sustain yourself and keep yourself from the bad feeling of not accomplishing anything. If you set up a schedule you know you can stick to, you will start to feel the effects of this almost immediately. 


It is important to know that while a schedule is not a magic bullet that will solve all of life’s problems for you, it is certainly a great tool to keep handy that can make a major dent in some of what you need to get done. If you have not been scheduling your time, you are probably wasting a lot of that time.

You might be surprised to learn just how much of it you can reclaim and how you can accomplish everything that you need to while also freeing up time for yourself to enjoy life and make the most of your day. If that sounds ideal to you, then there is no time like the present to sit down and start to create a reasonable schedule that you know works for you.

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